Do you know all the key insights that will influence the manner in which you make occasions? Here is a far reaching assortment of 100 key insights for the occasion business.

The occasion business is carrying on with a subsequent life. As more brands incline toward live encounters as the most ideal approach to draw in with crowds, here are a portion of the amazing and astounding insights characterizing the business.

For brisk reference, the raw numbers have been separated to cover the accompanying 10 basic segments:

Event industry


  • 100% of occasion work posts require occasion coordinations the executives skills.(EventMB, 2019)
  • 73% of meetings and half of exchange shows incorporated a community oriented workshop inside their agendas.(EventMB, 2019)
  • 52.6% of occasion experts are put more in occasion tech than the earlier year. (EventMB, 2019)
  • 45% and 28% of occasion sites in North America and Europe, individually, included data about their assorted variety and inclusivity arrangements. (EventMB, 2019)

The value of events 

  • Overall, gatherings created $1,294 of spending per member. (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018)
  • 6,000,000 worldwide members created $38 billion of gatherings direct spending, speaking to 11.5% of the division all out. (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018)
  • Worldwide guests created a lopsided portion of movement burning through (21.8%), including shopping (24.6%), amusement and diversion (26.5%). (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018)
  • 39% of occasion experts concur that ‘connecting with participants’ is the most significant component of a live occasion. (EventMB, 2019)
  • 40% of German scenes have some type of Sustainability Management System, and 90% of occasion settings said manageability was a significant or significant objective. (EventMB, 2019).
  • Expos and meetings are one of the best 3 sources purchasers go to while investigating a seller’s items and administrations. (Promoting Charts, 2015)


Working in the event industry

  • The extended development for meeting, show and occasion organizers is required to increment 11% in the USA between 2016-2026, quicker than normal. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018)
  • The occasions business in the USA gives over 5.9 million positions. (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018)
  • Over half of UK occasion work postings stressed consistence with administrative strategies. (EventMB, 2019)
  • The viewpoint for the worldwide occasion industry is positive, with 85% of occasion organizers being idealistic about the future and just 15% communicating concern or stress. (EventMB, 2018).
  • Most occasion organizers (89%) love their vocation in the occasion business. Under 10% felt uninterested and under 2% said they didn’t adore their vocation. (EventMB, 2018).
  • $65,160 is the normal occasion organizer pay in New York City, USA (EventMB, 2018).
  • £26,107 is the normal pay for occasion organizers in London, UK (EventMB, 2018).
  • Most of eventprofs (51%) feel that their pay will remain the equivalent in 2018. 43% figure compensations will rise and just 6% accept they will fall, demonstrating a for the most part uplifting standpoint. (EventMB, 2018).
  • Relationship building abilities and association are the basic aptitudes each occasion proficient requirements, 81% concurred. Around 75% additionally concurred that time the board, adaptability and enthusiasm were significant abilities. (EventMB, 2018).
  • Practically half (47%) of those reviewed said having more customers would assist them with propelling their occasion arranging vocation. Equally significant were better close to home marking (47%), better specialized information (46%) and better utilization of web-based media (44%). (EventMB, 2018).
  • Contracting financial plan is of the greatest prompt worry to occasion organizers, influencing 56% Long hours were refered to as an issue by 30% and referenced third was exploitative conduct (29%). 28% are worried about their absence of vocation movement. (EventMB, 2018).
  • Financial plans are probably the greatest test presently for occasion organizers, trailed by discovering supporters and participant numbers. (EventMB, 2018).

Occasion budgets 

  • 71% of occasion experts with over $5 million spending will spend more on occasion tech in 2020. (EventMB, 2019)
  • 57% of occasion experts imagine that the ongoing pattern to convey occasion encounters requires more financial plan. (EventMB, 2019).
  • 56% of those arranging in excess of 16 occasions for every year will spend more in 2020. (EventMB Report, 2019)
  • Most of occasion organizers (65%) feel that occasion financial plans will continue as before. 26% anticipate an expanded financial plan for the following a year. (EventMB, 2018).

Kinds of events

  • In North America, gatherings and exchange shows are the most widely recognized gathering movement type, with 23% of the market in 2018. Gatherings and exchange shows speak to 20% for Europe, 17% for Asia Pacific and 10% for Central/South America. (Worldwide Meetings and Events Forecast, 2018)
  • In the US, 53% of participants partake in corporate and conferences, 18% in shows, meetings and congresses without a display floor and 16% in expos or gatherings with a displaying segment. 6% partook in impetus gatherings and 6% in different gatherings. (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018)
  • At the point when recorded by have grouping, 43% were corporate occasions, 34% were affiliation/enrollment occasions, 14% were non-government, not-revenue driven occasions and 4% were government occasions in the US in 2016. (Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 2018)

Corporate events

  • For corporate occasion organizers, spending plan is their greatest concern (82%), trailed by groundbreaking thoughts (62%) and Return on Investment, or ROI, at 54% (EventMB, 2018).
  • When arranging corporate occasions, organizers are generally worried about finding creative thoughts (81%), great settings (65%) and promoting their occasion successfully (48%). (EventMB, 2018).
  • The need of participants going to corporate occasions in 2018 is organizing (82%), learning (71%) and amusement (38%). Personal growth is imperative to 37% and break of the workplace is speaking to 16% (EventMB, 2018).

Occasion success and ROI 

  • 76% of present place of employment advertisements request that occasion experts be fit for setting up the business estimation of occasions. (EventMB, 2019)
  • 91% measure the achievement of their occasions on participant fulfillment. 61% measure as per their particular occasion destinations and 60% decide results dependent on remaining inside spending plan. (EventMB, 2019).
  • 55% of occasion experts figure they don’t gauge the accomplishment of their occasions all around ok, 18% measure their occasion achievement precisely, 10% measure it in extraordinary detail.. (EventMB, 2019).
  • At 59% criticism study is the most preferred technique for estimating the achievement of a live occasion understanding. Then, 55% of occasion experts positioned input from customer or the board as their second most preferred technique for estimating live occasion achievement. (EventMB, 2019).

Meeting design

  • 32% of occasions in Europe incorporate speaker meetings and different exercises intended to advance manageable practices. (EventMB Report, 2019).
  • 83% of occasion organizers consider an occasion’s substance or program imperative to making a live occasion vital. (EventMB Report, 2019).


Phew! 100 great and astonishing insights characterizing the occasion business in 2020. Doesn’t it do right by you and eager to be essential for such an important area?


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