Knowing how to secure sponsors can mean the difference between the success and failure of your event. Connecting with the right sponsors can build your reputation with your target audience and increase your engagement. Here’s what you need to know about how to identify potential sponsors and how to approach them with a compelling pitch that makes them want to support your event.

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Make a list of prospective donors

The first key to learning how to sponsor an event is reaching out to the right advertising partners. Ideally, a good event sponsor should have a few key qualities:

Have a target market for your event among their customers, contributors or social media followers

Both interested in promoting your event

Not a direct competitor to your brand

To identify the brands that relate to your event market, consider what products and services your market buys or what interests they have. For example, if you are promoting a nursing conference, you might consider nursing colleges, medical supplies or nursing recruiters like hospitals or clinics, etc. You can also see list of sponsors for similar related events (but not competition events). Additionally, local businesses may serve the same customer base that you are targeting.

When you are composing a list of potential sponsors, think about why the prospect might want to promote your event; What’s in it for them? For example, does it serve their customers to promote your event? Can they make a profit by selling something at your event or by getting a commission? Did it increase their brand’s reputation? Is your branding mission consistent with their values?

When you look at potential sponsors, look for brands that don’t directly compete with yours. An ideal sponsor has the same customer base as you but doesn’t sell the same thing you do.

By applying these principles, you will be able to develop a list of potential donors. If your list is long, you should prioritize it. Identify which leads can give your event the biggest promotional boost. For example, some sponsors may have greater ad reach, while others may help you reach out to the right people. Prioritize these top leads by contacting them first and actively following them.

When people know how to list prospective sponsors, people can use the event reservation booking software to use as a support tool to add certainty.

Create attractive sales pitches

Once you have a list of leads, the next key to how to sponsor an event is to create a compelling promotional pitch that makes partners want to promote you. You can follow a seven-step approach to sponsor guarantees:

+) Introduce yourself and your event

+) State the purpose of your event

+) Describe why your potential client would be a good sponsor

+) Talk about the sponsor’s benefits

+) Incentives for sponsors

+) Let sponsor know the actions to take

+) Make it easy for sponsors to respond to your invitation

+) Use these guidelines to create sales pitches.

You can then customize this template by making the appropriate adjustments for each potential client on your sponsor list.

Introduce yourself and your events

The way you introduce yourself and your event resonates with your conversations with potential sponsors. Your introduction should be short and to the point, focusing on any brand identity or event theme highlights that might appeal to your potential customers. Review your current branding statement and event’s marketing highlight. Consider whether you can reset these keywords to give angles that might appeal to potential sponsors.

Specify the purpose of your event

When presenting your event, let potential sponsors know what your event is for. What does your event offer to attendees? Why are you organizing events? Designating this can help your prospect know why they might be interested in sharing your event with their customers or followers.

Describe Why your potential client will become a good event sponsor

Potential sponsors will want to know why you contacted them. Why are they suitable for your event? Briefly tell them why you contacted them. For example, you could mention that the information your event provides will be useful to the type of consumer or business customer they serve.

Talk about event sponsor benefits

Potential customers will wonder what your event is for them. Let them know the benefits of sponsoring your event. Does your event allow them to:

Serving their customer base?

Reputation for their brand?

Selling items to your attendees?

Attract customers from your attendees and followers?

Have access to attendees and their information?

Profit from commissions upon registration?

Promote their company’s mission?

The stronger the benefits you provide to potential clients, the more likely they are to sponsor your event.

Offer incentives to sponsors

You can also frame benefits in terms of sponsor incentives. For example, you can provide sponsors with:

Email cross promotion, social media mentions, website advertising or promotion

Brand logo position

Free or discounted booth sponsorships if your event is a trade show

Offers exclusive opportunities for solo brand sponsorships

Think of creative ways you can reward sponsors for helping you promote your event.

Tell your event sponsor what actions to take

When a prospect decides to accept your sponsorship offer, they need to know what action to take. Give specific call-to-action guidelines on what they should do to become a sponsor. Include any names, links, phone numbers or other details they need to know. Mention any deadlines they need to follow.

Make it easy for your event Sponsor to respond to your invitation

The easier it is for a prospect to respond to your invitation, the more likely you are to receive a sponsor. One way to make it easy for sponsors to sign up is to link them to the landing page on your website, where they can get their full details and click to register as a sponsor.

You can also use your website to make it easy for sponsors to promote your event to their followers. Provide them with promotional materials they can distribute and include a link to a page on your website where attendees can sign up for your event. A plug-in can help you automatically register attendees through your website. To maximize your subscriptions, use the email verification plug-in to avoid misspelling attendees’ email addresses. If you need to pay, use a payment method that complies with applicable regulations and check it to make sure it works properly.

Sending automatic event reminders can also help sponsors and attendees prepare for your event. Any steps you can take to make it easier for your sponsor and the people they invite will help increase your engagement.

Make sure to add more event sponsors to make your event a success

By aggregating your list of potential sponsors and creating a compelling pitch, you can attract more people to your event and make the event even more successful. Organizing a successful event is easier when you use the right software to help you and your partners organize your promotions.

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