Are you wondering How to choose a perfect a WordPress theme when there are so many choices on the e-commerce markets out there? Today, there are more than 7,000 free themes in WordPress directory, along with loads of premium themes from different developers. So how can you choose the perfect and most satisfying theme for your website, especially if you own an event theme website?

In this article, I’ll cover 10 things to consider when choosing a theme to use for your website. Let’s find out!

How to choose a perfect WordPress theme


1. Simplicity is the best

How to choose a perfect WordPress theme for your website, especially when you own an event WordPress, the first thing you should know is simplicity. There are tons of WordPress themes out there with lots of color, layout, and customization options, and some even have dynamic elements. It looks like all of these options help to enhance your website… but you definitely don’t need them.

Find a theme with impressive design that will help your business communicate clearly and effectively. Ideally, you want your website to look great and easy to navigate for your visitors.

Choose a WordPress theme that isn’t too complicated. You should focus the main goal of web design is to help users find information quickly and easily, rather than a complex design that make your user overwhelmed when it’s the first time they come to visit your site.


In addition, when it comes to How to choose a perfect WordPress theme, you need an attractive Calls-To-Action (CTA) theme designed to help your website grow. CTA is expressed through text or images in order to call the viewer into action with mouse clicks. So, put simply, CTA is responsible for generating the conversion rate from users to leads. You can place the CTA anywhere on your website. As long as it has to be attractive enough to the user. You can use one CTA for your website or you can use a variety of different types for each small page depending on the purpose of converting the action you want.

Also, they can be integrated into your theme or added separately with the help of a plugin.

2. Absolutely responsive

According to Statista, the growth forecast for smartphones from 2016 to 2021 is as follows. It is expected that by 2021, the number of smartphone user will reach 3.8 billion users.

In this day and age, your website needs to be functional on all devices. People use their smartphones and tablets to browse and you definitely don’t want them to have a bad experience on these web browsers. A large portion of website traffic is from mobile, up to 50% or more in some cases.

The majority of WordPress themes are fully responsive and look great on any types of devices, including desktops and laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

In many cases, Google penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly, thus requiring website owners to improve user experience. Make sure you give your website the best chance of getting the top visibility in Google search results.

Also, make sure you give your website the best possible chance to show up in Google search results by making it fully responsive.

Note: You can test your site by accessing Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

3. Compatibility with essential plugins

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is the wide range of number of plugins that you can use to add more functional into your website.

There are some must have plugins that you should install with any website. It includes Yoast SEO, Fastest Cache, Wordfence Security and BackWWPup and so on. You want to make sure that your theme is compatible with all widely used plugins. In some cases, the popular themes should be compatible with all the plugins you need, but ask the theme developers if you’re unsure.

Specially, when you think How to choose a WordPress theme in general and How to choose an Event WordPress theme in particular, the booking or payment plugin is an essential feature to bring the best customer experience, when they want to book tickets for events, anniversaries, engagement parties, arrangement business or any other events.

Therefore, the compatibility with essential plugins is must have thing when you choose a perfect WordPress theme

4. Check browser compatibility


Your users will use different browsers when they are accessing website. So, it’s important that your website works well on any browsers, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

5. Ready for e-commerce

No matter you are running any kind of businesses, you should ready for turn your website into an ecommerce website. In future, if you want to sell digital or physical product on your site, you should make sure that the theme you choose is compatible with Woocommerce – the leading eCommerce plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites.

6. Multilingual/translation

If you want your website to be translated into many different languages, suitable for all customers from many parts of the world, this is a necessary feature. In addition, besides choosing the themes with built-in multilingual functionality, you can also integrate a plugin to help you translate your website.

7. User-friendly design


Whatever you do with your theme, make sure that everything on your website is clear and easy to navigate by customers. Unique design is essential but must be used by customers of all ages.

Please answer the following 3 questions to see if you are choosing the best topic?

  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • And, is the content easy to read and digest?
  • Is the design appropriate for your website or blog type?

8. Check the last update

The WordPress core is regularly updated because of security updates, bug fixes, and new features. It is important to choose a theme that is also actively maintained and updated regularly. If a topic was last modified 2 years or more ago, you should avoid it.

9. Check the reviews

One more thing about How to choose a perfect WordPress theme is that you have to make sure you take a look at its ratings and reviews.

For free WordPress themes, you will see the ratings below the Preview and Download buttons. See how many ratings a topic has and read through some reviews by clicking on the corresponding number of stars (1 star, 2 stars, etc.).

With premium themes sold in third-party markets, you’ll also find customer reviews.

Having said that, there is no theme that can satisfy everyone. However, if a WordPress theme has an extremely high number of 1-star reviews, avoid using it.

10. Check the Developer’s support policy

No matter a theme you are about to choose, there is a time you’ll definitely need support. Therefore, make sure you check the Developer’s support policy before making any decisions.

With a free theme, it can be hit or miss. Some developers will provide support through forum, while others will not offer any support for free. With a premium theme, theme developers will offer from 6 to 12 months of support and updates with your purchase, with an option to renew to continue receiving support.

And, you can find the exactly support policy on the developer’s site.


When it comes to How to choose a perfect WordPress theme, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Using a bad theme can negatively affect your site. So it’s better to make careful choices.

Hopefully, this article of How to choose a perfect WordPress theme help you choose the ideal WordPress theme for your website, especially an Event Booking website.

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