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Activities like events bring us together by making connections. We create new memories in these shared experiences. During challenge times, your events may be affected. So what can you do if you find yourself unable to host live events for a while?

Here are three ways to overcome uncertain moments and act with your events. We’ll start with the postponement of the event below. We’ll then demonstrate how to cancel the event and how to reschedule it by the event reservation system.

Postponed an event

How do you feel about delaying an event? You’ve invested a lot of energy and time in your team and now you have to make a decision. It can feel frustrating.

I understand and want to share another perspective to consider.

Think about postponing an event because “now is not the right time and I know I can organize my event in the future.” In doing so, you 1) show your attendees that you care about them and their health enough to say “this is not the right time for us to host this event”, 2) give yourself some space and 3) allow a chance for your event in the future. This change in the way you think about delaying your event can immediately shed light on your outlook.

For example, the last translation of covid 19, there are many weddings that are supposed to be held and have been partied for 3 or 4 months in advance. But because translation has to be postponed, that is why it is necessary to postpone the event.event reservation system (17)

That s is the reason why we must be using the event reservation system to postponed the event that we booked before. After that, the event reservation will have this function permit the customer can cancel the booking event. That is so usefully.  Based on the kind of event reservation system, we must need to choose the good system that can set up this function and easily to use. Check for more website sell this system when set up at your website. It can bring more benefits for the customer and the host.

Cancel an event

Canceling an event is another option available to you. At first glance, the delays and cancellations seem similar in that the event no longer takes place at the specified date and time. The difference I see between them relative to live events is an important factor in the success of an event. With a pandemic like coronavirus, live events are temporarily halted, so if your event requires actual attendees to participate, it may need to be canceled.

Here is a 5-minute thinking exercise to help you decide if postponement or cancellation is right for your event.

+)Take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Write the following question in the center of the paper:

What other way can I organize my next event?

Start timer on your phone in 5 minutes. Write down all the ideas that come to mind. Continue recording all your thoughts until the timer ends. Now look at your notes on paper.

Do you have at least one written idea? If so, smile because you may have found a way to move forward with your event. Procrastinating is right for you so you can explore your idea further.

If you can’t think of anything, then canceling your event may be the right choice.

First, keep in mind that having a well-defined refund policy on your event website can help avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

Cancellation can take place at any time, which not only damages the event owner economically, but sometimes the client runs into problems. Therefore, it is necessary to have the feature of canceling compensation for money as well as the amount that arises. Therefore, the event reservation system will help customers easily cancel the event and the host will easily recover compensation money that customers have booked.

Reschedule the event

Rescheduling means you have found at least one way to continue your events. When chatting with event organizers around the world, virtual events are the number one way for them to get back on track and move on with their events. See these recommendations about  Event Reservation system for virtual events.

Here are some examples of what we’ve heard our customers doing with Event Bookings to tailor their event offerings:

– Classes & Workshops → “I have switched to a full online distribution of my classes via Zoom.”

– Conferences → “I am helping a company convert their live events into online events with webinars”.

– Football clinic → “We have moved to an online forum.”

– Meetings → “We are developing webinars that people can attend at home or in the office to receive documents.”

– Courses → “I have succeeded in teaching my current programs online with join.me.”

The second way event planners are working on is to shift their event date to the end of the year.

You can reschedule the event using the Event Espresso event editor by reversing the changes you made to postpone the event. Then, notify your attendees of the upcoming event date. Here are the steps.

Log in to the WP-admin (WordPress dashboard) on your WordPress site. Next, find Event Espresso in the admin menu on the left and click Events. Find your delayed event and click on the event’s name.

Some event reservation system will allow customers to access and cancel the event through the system. Please select a reputable reservation software and be instructed to install. Easy to use and convert.

Share this update with your audience on your social media channels. For example, if your organization uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, post updates to get your events up and running again.

Three ways to handle your events in times of crisis are:

  1. Postpone an event
  2. Cancel an event
  3. Reschedule the event

Remember that your attendees have signed up for your event. They still want to learn from your expertise and they still want to stay connected with the organizations, causes, or interests they care about. Experiences like events make us happy because activities are things we do with others. Live events may not be available for a while, and you can explore virtual events like online classes, virtual meetings or webinars to stay in touch with your attendees. .

From your computer, you can connect with attendees in your city and more through video calling and chat.

In conclusion, event reservation system is really important with the one who usually booked in the event and the host who must control the all of process.

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