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It is quite easy to have a blog, you can use a platform like WordPress. You just write blog post with around 1500 words covering the details of events. It is important to share information that is useful, interesting and relevant to them. Over time, People read your blog and they view you as an expert of your field. The content on your blog will lead people to your website, it’s best way to introduce your event or product.

Nowadays, Blogs are more meaningful. If you aren’t using blogs, you are missing out on potentially hundred or even thousands of potential event attendees. Here are  reasons why you need a blog for your event

Presence Of Your Event Website


Online presence is important part of event. It’s not easy to connect between an event and attendees before the event happens. It’s good to have information and content all in one searchable place. The blog increase to visitor of your site. By typing certain keywords into the relevant event planning search engines, your article will appear in the search results according to the keywords used in your post, thus , will drive traffic to your website. This website has a lot of traffic through informative blog. 

 An event blog is not only a great platform to make key announcements, but also provide a community to talk to one another. The comments section of your blog can quickly become a place for your customers to exchange event related ideas, and begin to know one another better before the event.

Professional Knowledge


Writiing blog gives you the opportunity to  be an expert in the field. By sharing valuable industry knowledge and providing solutions to common event problems, you’ll build a professional reputation with your readers. Your followers will find that you have the ability to manage their events if they need you to do so.

Having a blog also allows you to guide your readers on what happens when hiring event planners. Or instead of waiting for a pitch, use your blog as a platform to explain to readers why they should hire event planners. Your knowledge builds consumer confidence.

Build existing relationships.

The purpose of the blog is not only to find new attendees but also to build strong relationships with past attendees. Blogs are a powerful way to create engagement among people who are loyal to your event. Allowing your blog readers to comment and write  blog posts. That is benefit for social media. When people read positive, pleasant feedback from past event attendees in your comments, it creates good aspect and builds credibility for your event. It tells readers that if past event attendees felt strongly enough about your event to come back and leave a positive comment on your blog, then you (the event organizer) should did something right.

Your blog can also be a direct way for your event attendees to chat and discuss experiences with other event participants. One way to highlight your blog is to post it on social media channels and share your post content. Your blog posts don’t need to be written either. In fact, mixing up your blog posts will generate interest for your readers because some people love writing, while others like photos and others like videos. You can make interesting posts like photo stories and tell your audience that you’ve uploaded your event story on your blog, then ask your readers if they can find themselves in these pictures. Posts like these can really help you build relationships with your current audience if you take the time to let your fans know how much you appreciate them. If you follow your blog posts properly, you can build goodwill and loyalty between your event and its attendees, spanning many future events.

Showcase Speakers: 

Blog is a great place to show your speakers. You can create an interview via email and publish the speaker’s answer. Or you can make a short video, publish it on your blog.

 In addition, your speakers will appreciate the extra exposure, your attendees will be excited about getting a glimpse at what they’ll learn at your event, and you will have great content on social media and in email newsletters.

Potential revenue


A large number of buyers tend to  buy event tickets based on blog post. The potential customers has received something of value from your blog.  One way to increase the potential of a reader becoming a customer is to create value added incentives and offers that you provide that will get the client to respond to a call to action.

Blogs also offer ways to promote revenue through paid ads. If your blog has a high audience, some advertisers will pay you to advertise on your blog. Pay per click or cost per click is a very popular way of advertising companies, by placing banners in your content or on the sidebar of your blog post.

Having a blog is different from publishing post on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. The advantage is that you can add meatier content. People want to see short memes and funny pictures on social media. With a blog, people come just for the purpose of reading all good post

Lastly, don’t be intimidated.  Adding a blog to your website is easy.  Most websites come with a blog tab 

Boost SEO Performance For Event Website


A great way to rank well for keywords related to your event that will show up in search results when potential attendees are researching what events are going to be in attendance, is to have a great blog. great.

Simply writing about industry-related issues will help your entire website rank better. This will help attract more qualified visitors to your event website and will also help you sell more tickets.

Don’t worry about blogging for your event, remember that you should only publish relevant and useful content. You don’t have to be a content engine to run a successful event blog. Good blogging will add value to attendees, help introduce better presenters, and improve your event site’s SEO performance. So what are you waiting for, get written!


Hope you will understand more why your event website need a blog

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