For any businessman or event organizer, owning an event website is really important. It helps promote the image and brand of the event, providing complete and detailed information about the event including information, location, time. If you are looking for the Best Event WordPress Theme of 2020, you can review my previous post here.

Why should you use a premium WordPress Theme instead of free WordPress theme. Many people may not be aware that a premium WordPress theme can give their website more formatting. You also wonder why you need to pay for a premium event theme while you have access to free themes. This is a question that many people are interested in today.

If you are wondering whether to choose a free or premium event WordPress theme, the article below will help you answer that question and advise which version will be best suited for your Events website.  Let’s find out now Premium Event Free WordPress Theme (Pros and Cons)

But before jump into it, you might want to know why choose an Event WordPress Theme for your website

Why choose an Event WordPress Theme for your website?

An Event WordPress theme best suited to your website will help you promote your event online. It can lead to creating sources of audience attraction for them to subscribe to your events, seminars and conferences and any types of events.

Let’s see the benefits of having an WordPress Theme for your website.

  • Easy to download – you can download the right WordPress theme just blink an eyes.
  • Ease of Installation – The event WordPress theme is easy to install. Anyone can install it in a few simple steps.
  • Easily publish useful information – You can publish any useful information for your attendees, such as event location, Speaker Profile, session schedule, and more.
  • User registration is no longer a big deal – It gives you the power to manage user registrations for your website.
  • Easy to sell tickets and coupons
  • Mobile Responsive Design – Themes that will help you make your website mobile responsive so your site looks perfect on all devices such as smartphones , tablet computer, desktop computer, etc
  • Social media integration – You can connect with your audience through the help of the social media icons.
  • A great start to projects – WordPress event themes perfect to support conferences, gatherings, parties, concerts, festivals, and more. All of these features give your project a great start.

Free VS Premium Event WordPress Theme (Pros And Cons)


1. Pros of the free Event theme

The free WordPress themes are listed in the official Themes folders. Therefore, we advise you to review whether the source code is trustworthy before downloading and installing any free themes found on the net.


– It’s free:

The biggest benefit of a free WordPress theme is that it’s completely free. You will not need to pay anything to own them. However, some free versions will require an extra fee if you need assistance when needed.

Would a lot of people think that a free version is available with problems? The word free will make many people wary and will feel unreliable. Why are so many people offering the free version while others are selling premium themes. People think, maybe the free theme is low quality. However, reality proves the exact opposite.

– Strict review process

It is fact proven that free WordPress themes have a much higher quality standard. All themes in the official WordPress themes directory go through a strict theme review. has a team that rigorously reviews these themes before they are cataloged. Free WordPress themes are coded for compliance with standards, support for standard WordPress features, HTML, quality CSS, security, privacy, etc. Therefore, for a free WordPress theme to be listed in the directory, it has been rigorously tested and evaluated. You can safely use them for your website.

Do you know why they are sharing it for free?


This is one of the best ways for developers to hone their programming skills. Because through the process of testing and evaluation, the evaluation team will help test their code and suggest improvements. Developers will know what they should improve.

Besides, it’s the best way to get more users to know more and better about their products. Also, many users use it, they will give it feedbacks and suggest improvements to the developers.

Plus, the fact that more people know the topic will get high credibility as a developer with good programming skills. They may also receive money to customize free themes or develop custom themes for clients.

Howover, it’s not free from its fair share of drawbacks.

2. Cons of the free Event WordPress theme

The cons of using free WordPress theme:

Limited Support Options – Free WordPress theme developers offer support through WordPress forums, but they are under no obligation to respond to support queries. Therefore, if you run into any problems, you may have to do your own research or ask third – parties to assist you. That can take a lot of time and effort.

Limited Features and Functions – Free themes all have standard WordPress features, but many of them don’t offer extra features like creating buttons, using shortcodes, creating pages destination, etc.

Not unique – When you use a free theme, it means a lot of people are using the same theme out there as you. That means you’re not too unique. Additionally, there are often limited options for customizing the intuitive look of free themes. Therefore, consider using it if you really invest seriously in your business in general and event planning in particular.

3. Pros of the premium Event WordPress Theme

You can find premium themes from many marketplaces that are third-party WordPress theme stores. One of the greatest advantage of a premium theme is that you get more features and customization options. When the competition in the premium theme industry, therefore, themeshops are always trying to offer more features at lower prices.

The essential features about a Premium Event Theme should have:

  • It’s all about compatibility with an events management system. Now, thanks to the advanced event management functionality, you can provide your customer an online booking system, help them to schedule showcase and many more features that will increase performance of event website.
  • Another features must have in Event Theme is a drag and drop page builder. If you’re an event organizer but don’t have a lot of experience in website design then you should choose a theme that comes with a completely code-free interface.
  • The sales function is always very important as it requires the ticket purchase function. Therefore, you should buy a premium WordPress theme that is compatible with WooCommerce, set up the ability to sell anything, and get paid online.

Support and updates

Premium WordPress themes come with frequently updates and support.

More unique

With easy customization, you have the ability to personalize your themes compared to free themes. Make your event website more unique than ever.

4. Cons of Premium Event WordPress Theme

Here are some common problems that can be a disadvantage.

  • Poor Code – Sometimes you will be able to buy some premium themes with poor coding. That’s because it doesn’t have to go through a rigorous review process
  • Too many features – The developers add more features to their theme. However, there are many really unnecessary features that will slow down your website.
  • Pricing can be expensive

What should your WordPress theme choice?

When it comes to choose what is a perfect choice your Event WordPress Theme for your website, it’s up to you. That being said, I believe that the benefits of choosing a premium theme far outweight those of free WordPress theme. So, if you can afford to do it, you should choose a Premium WordPress theme


Free or premium WordPress themes? Share your choice with me in the comments section below! I am happy to hear from you. Hopefully, Free VS Premium Event WordPress Theme (Pros And Cons) has brought to you much essential information.

Leave comments if you have any questions about my post. I am willing to answers all of your questions.

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