A beautiful event website convinces potential attendees. They help people understand more about your event. An event website also can educate as well as entertain your visitors. Creating an event website may be a lot easier than ever before with a great number of tools and design templates available online. So how can you build an effective event website?

Here are five tips for building a successful event website that turns page visitors into excited attendees.

Use strong visuals

Creating great images is making the best user experience. A picture speaks a thousand words. The images are the first thing visitors to your website. If you want people to be attracted to your events, you can include lots of images such as food and drinks you will be serving, any speakers or performers, a great gallery of your previous event. Let’s be sure to build your event website to feature imagery as a can’t miss experience.

Make it user-friendly (and responsive!)

Responsive mobile event

You should always put yourself in the visitor’s shoes when you design your site.

Over half of your audience will access your website from their mobile device. Thus your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Responsive web design also helps with SEO. Google favors mobile-optimized sites

 Get to the Point!

Make sure that anyone coming to your page will impress at first sight. Your customers have to understand about the event, when and where it’s happening. You should avoid long-winded introductions, difficult for visitors to find this information. In addition, you should show your main point. You can feature a well-known guest speaker or high-profile attendees. Let’s use large colorful location shots that get people excited about the experience from attractive images…

Social Media


Social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about your presence.  It like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the bests right now and you have to keep social media in mind. You should encourage visitors to share your event on social media and ask their friends to come along. People make decisions based on how they’ve seen other people behave. You will find no better marketing than word of mouth. 

Each social media platform has a unique set and types of content. Let’s take a look to understand more 

  • Facebook – Your can share your event, engage followers. 
  • Instagram – Share images and engage your audience. New features enable direct linking to your registration site.
  • LinkedIn –  This social media platform is a good choice for posting news and event. It is great for B2B and industry networking, this professional social media platform is a good choice for company news and event announcements. No character limit here!
  • Twitter – Before and during your event, you can use an event hashtag and posts to build excitement. Connect with the right influencers on Twitter, and your post could go viral. 
  • Snapchat — Base on photo sharing, you can appeal to young audiences

Optimize it for search engines (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to helping your event website get found organically by your ideal attendees.

One important factor is that your event website can search on Google. Make sure you’re using the right keywords which will help boost your ranking on search engines like Google Tools like Google’s Keyword  Google Analytics or Ahrefs can help you understand keyword performance, test out multiple keywords, and compare keyword results to each other. 

 Provide an easy registration and checkout experience

 Make the purchase process as straightforward as possible. When someone has decided to buy, don’t let a frustrating purchase make them out of the process. Increase a step in the checkout or registration process leads to a reduce 10% guest in transactions. Don’t forget about mobile because people tend to complete payment processes built for phones. 

 Video is a Big Deal

In recent years, many event planners are using video as a part of their marketing. Videos help customers to learn more about the event and they do a good job of conveying the personality of your business. 1 video coveys information more than 1.8 million words. There are many other ways of using videos on your event website – from interviews with keynote speakers, save-the-date-videos and highlights from your last event to video testimonials

Need a good Plugin

For more help, you will need plugins. When you’re trying to run an event booking website. The first thing you need is a calendar that shows the dates of events and repeat intervals. The calendar should have various options for the user to make a reservation or book an event as easy as possible. The important thing is that your theme should support these important plugins and you could use them easily.

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With event websites, you can these tips to increase sales for your event. Hope you will find this article useful.

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