Are you looking to sell tickets for your summer tour or want to get more people to join your event? The first step you need to take in order to increase engagement is to collect reservations through a website. The point is that a booking site will require a lot of programming knowledge because of its complexity. However, today, there are many Event WordPress Themes available on the marketplace. It helps you to design your event website quickly without requiring too much programming knowledge. In addition, it also provides great ancillary features, eye-catching interface that will help you make a successful website for your upcoming event.

A suitable event wordpress theme should take into account some of the features necessary to make sure the event website works well. Here are some of the best Event WordPress Themes that can be used for any conference or event related website. Let’s explore Best WordPress Themes For Event Booking 2020

Best WordPress Themes For Event Booking 2020

1. Quinn – Best Event WordPress Theme

As the name implies, you can imagine how charming and feminine this theme is. Quinn is one of the Best Event WordPress Themes in this collection I want to present first. This fits for wedding event planners, photographers with an eye for the elegant and creatives who love a traditional.

You have no more stress about an ugly, non-mobile optimized website. With responsive layout design, your website will fit any type of screen, from desktop to tablet and mobile. The logo is easy to upload and some social buttons can also be placed in the top right corner of your theme. A large slider that combines itself with overlapping text to clarify the content of the web page. Remind people to subscribe to your email list and consider creating a portfolio with images related to certain events.

Moreover, you can build a beautiful online shop with Woocomerce plugin. It fits no matter you are selling physical or digital products. Also, you no need coding or CSS knowledge necessary, you can easily customize colors, header, footer, etc.

The expanded right sidebar is one of the best ways to fit all your content on a single page, and the infinite scrolling feature means anyone can access your website and view most of your content on one page. Infinite scrolling also keeps your website fast as not all content loads until the user scrolls down. Three ad boxes are great for advertising and sharing information about your events. The sticky menu ensures that the user can easily navigate and navigate to other pages of your website. For all the feature that I’ve analyzed, Quinn is one of the Best Event WordPress Themes in 2020.

2. Event – Responsive WordPress Theme For Event Booking

If you’re interested in the band or musician event theme, consider using the Event WordPress Theme from the folks at Themify. A flexible and responsive layout works across all device types, and the event post type is exactly what you need to share information about your events.

Libraries are also included, and you can create a video site to give your fans a more visual view of what your music has to offer. Social media buttons are included in the theme so you can easily increase your followers and a nice sticky menu ensures all-time navigation access. Sliders support images for your events, and overlay text is commonly used for dates and locations.

A great blog for boosting your SEO and sharing updates with your loyal fans. Take as many events as you want and organize them in an impressive portfolio format. Each event can be clicked to view more content. The Event theme has several demos to play with.

Hence, we recommend giving it a try to see if your band or musical action can use the enhancement. It’s not the only way to sell tickets for your upcoming gigs, but it will definitely take a lot of work, as you can accept reservations whenever you want.

3. Khore – Flexible Event WordPress Theme


Khore is an extremely flexible Event WordPress Theme designed in a mobile-first approach. This means your website will look good no matter what device your visitors are using, but we have taken special care to ensure mobile visitors have the best experience. can.

The layout of the theme is quite unique. It starts with an almost full screen image with a brief description of the event along with the signup button. The menu is pushed aside, and each new section loads only when clicked. This allows your visitors to focus entirely on your content while still providing all the information about the event. Shows timeline of events and keynotes, featured speakers, and includes a countdown timer to help visitors know when events are happening.

Theme built with the help of Event Composer provides a drag and drop interface to modify your layout. This is great, especially for the beginners who want to stay as far away from the code as possible. Change your colors and fonts with the help of Google Fonts. You can sell tickets for your events through WooCommerce and integrate with EventBrite, EventEspresso or other event management services for even more control.

Along with SEO optimization, easy location rendering, and blog, Khore has everything you need to create a powerful event website.

4. Events V2 – Perfect WordPress Theme For Event Booking


With Events V2 – one of the Best WordPress Themes for Event Booking in 2020. This will help you present different types of events, exhibitions, festival, seminars, meetings, conferences, music concerts, event directories, starup events and management companies in unique way.

Use this theme template to organize various events based on location, date, category, and other parameters. Custom fields allow you to create list pages for upcoming events.

This responsive Event Booking Theme comes with powerful built-in features for a professional even portal. Events come with a “1-click setup” so you can start your event portal website right away.

Also, you can change the look of your events portal with easy as drag and drop. Widgets allows you to change the homepage with defferent content to get your website look the way you want and all the process will be done from the dashboard.

In addition, this theme template is also integrated with Google Maps to help you easily display specific addresses by event or default. Customers can also easily access and access the event venue with ease. Plus, the fully translatable template lets you create event sites in another language.

The Event WordPress theme is programmed with SEO standards. In addition, The Events theme also supports the best free SEO plugins today such as WordPress SEO, All in One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps and All In One Rich Snippets. These plugins will make it easier for you to create standard SEO articles, to increase your website’s ranking on search engine result pages.

5. Eventory – Eye-catching Event Booking


Are you having exciting events and you want to attract people to your event? That is why you need a website that displays all the necessary information about the event, the time, the number of visitors, and buy tickets online. But you don’t have much programming knowledge? Therefore, Eventory is created for you. Without too much programming knowledge, you can still create an event scheduling website with an eye-catching and impressive interface, and the booking process is easy.

The media-heavy design of Eventory is one of the great options for displaying images from previous events and displaying detailed information about upcoming events. Customers can quickly view the dedicated event calendar to learn the next events.

All pages are designed and developed to the Bootstrap Framework to display perfectly across all devices and screen sizes. Besides, this Event WordPress Theme is packed with Woocommerce that will turn your website into a real ecommerce store.

Moreover, with WPML support, it makes easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. And, it has Jquery curtain slider that allows you to create a web page with multiple fixed panels that unroll with an amusing effect, exactly like a curtain rises. With all the information I have presented above, Eventory deserves as one of the Best WordPress Themes For Event Booking in 2020.


Whether it’s an event management website or simply an event website, you can use one of these WordPress event themes to increase ticket sales for your event. Hope you will find this article of Best WordPress Themes For Event Booking 2020 useful.

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